#Lightwaves16 #surprisingsalford #2

Lightwaves Salford quays 2016 (5).JPG
Lightwaves 2016 at Salford Quays

For the past few years Quays Culture have organised a Lightwaves event at Salford Quays and Media City during the Christmas festive period.  Last year we had large white illuminated rabbits and before that we had curtains of light whose colours changed as you walked through them.  This year Quays Culture have surpassed their previous offerings of light in these dark days and we have a series of light sculptures around the quays for everyone’s enjoyment. The star of the show is shown above, this collection of 198 small boats float in Eire Basin, changing colour [you can decide the colours on your mobile phone] and transforming the end of the quay into a rainbow of colours reflecting against the black water with the stunning Detroit Bridge as a backdrop.  Called Voyage and designed by Aether and Hemera this is a triumph that entertains young and old and is so entrancing it is almost impossible to walk away from.

Once you have torn yourself away from the small boats, there is a further interactive light art installation is in front of the Lowry Theatre.  Here Heartbeat only lights up when two people hold hands and connect with the sculpture, completing the circuit and revealing the heart symbol.  Created by GNI Projects this is a sculpture for the romantics and scientists in us.

Over at Media City there are trees in a multitude of colours, a sound sculpture that resounds with cosmic rhythms when the rows of strings are struck or strummed and a large neon sign proclaiming Today I Love You.  For those of us who have fond memories of visiting Blackpool Illuminations, there is also a small selection of figures that have travelled down the M61 to spend a few days in Salford.

Quays Culture’s mission is to contribute to Salford Quays being a place to visit and provide international examples of interactive art and they have certainly achieved that this year.  The exhibits are only here until 18 December so get on down.

Lightwaves Salford quays 2016 (11).JPG
Voyager boats and the Dakota Bridge


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