Christmas glitter & a failed minimalist

Lightwaves Salford quays 2016 (34).JPG
More pictures from #lightwaves16 at Salford Quays

Despite claiming that I try to be something of a minimalist, I have a number of guilty secrets; 30 books I have read but keep because I might want to read them again; a wardrobe with more than 33 things in it and all sorts of other sentimental clutter.  I have certainly failed to meet the minimalist standard.  I don’t have a huge wardrobe and with clothes I do [mostly] only keep things I like and wear, even if an item doesn’t get an airing very often [the exception is the frock I wore at my graduation that sentiment still hasn’t allowed me to throw out].   I like well-made and comfortable clothes and have ditched anything that requires ironing as having an iron-free life is important to me.  I have items of clothing that I hope will last me the next 25-years or so until I die [assuming I make it to my 80s].

This weekend I surveyed my wardrobe wondering what to wear for our Christmas meal out with friends.  I picked out my ‘Christmas’ top and wondered how long I had owned this particular item.  I knew there was a photograph of me wearing it at a NHS Christmas meal; I am sitting between two lovely colleagues at one of Preston’s swishest nightspots and we are resting after dancing, in front of me is a large glass of wine.  I searched through the computer and found the photograph dates back to 2003.  I know that the top wasn’t new then, so I reckon it is at least 14 years old but despite its age I still think of it as my ‘best’ wear.

Owning good quality clothing makes me happy.  This deep-lavender coloured top is from Laura Ashley, is well made and I think / hope it will last me to the end of my days.  It was bought by my lovely partner as a gift when 3/4 length sleeves were the fashion – a real bonus for those of us who are on the short side as there is no need to fold over the sleeves.  The fabric is velvety and has a self-coloured paisley pattern within it.  When I pick it out of my wardrobe I immediately think of Christmas parties I have worn it at … yes I am far too sentimental to be a true minimalist but you can’t accuse me of wasting money.