Lightoaks Park: #surprisingsalford #32

Lightoak Park July 2017 (1)
Dappled sunshine on the pond at Lightoaks Park

Always keen to explore other parts of Salford further from my home I found myself walking north from the familiar Buile Hill Park and in to the unfamiliar Claremont and Irlams O th’ Height areas of Salford.  Here I found Lightoaks Park and was delighted by what a lovely and pleasant park it is.  Lightoaks Park is one of Salford’s larger parks and it offers a varied landscape that is worth an hour or two of anyone’s time.

The park was officially opened in 1925 and as it rapidly approaches its centenary it has an active friends group that helps to take care of the park and organises events and activities throughout the year.

I walked through the park to the pond with Mr BOTRA and leaning on the fence we chatted to a local who was also out enjoying the park.  He told us he was a regular to this park and shared his love of the park, expressing with his smile how important his local green space was to him.  We meandering around the paths through woodland and lawns and found the outdoor gym to play on for a short while.  We stumbled upon a section of wall set with old carved stones, presumably from a mansion that was on the site previously.

Maps from around 1940 show that the pond was a feature in the new park and that in those days Lightoaks Park had a pavillion, tennis courts and a shelter with a lodge at the Claremont Road entrance.  In the higher part of the park was Crimble Lodge and Claremont Farm.

Irlams O th’ Height is a former village and is a tough name for locals and visitors to spell.  I hope I have got it right!


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